Frequently Asked Questions

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Do your products have any kind of fragrance or scent?

We never add any synthetic, artificial, or even natural fragrance to our products. We understand that "natural fragrance" is not truly natural. We keep our products relatively unscented, but an active constituent or ingredient may provide a slight scent. An example would be lavender extract which would provide a light lavender scent. We are very concerned with the health and environmental consequences of fragrance.

Are your products paraben free? Do they contain phthalates?

Our products do not contain any added parabens at all. We can not guarantee that our products are paraben free because some naturally occurring parabens are found in blueberries, strawberries, and olive leaf. We will never add parabens. Our products do not contain any added phthalates.

Are your products microbiome friendly? Are they ph balanced?

Our products are what we would consider microbiome friendly. We do not use sodium lauryl sulfate or triclosan, both of which disrupt the skin. We also do not use any ingredients that might kill beneficial bacteria on the skin, like Tea Tree Oil, which many other skincare companies do. We try to keep our products ph balanced to preserve the skin's microbiome. Our Beautiful Buckthorn Cream falls within the ph range of 4.2 to 5.8.

Do your products contain gluten or other allergens?

Our ingredient can not be guaranteed to be free of common allergens within our products. The facility in which they are manufactured contains some of the most common allergens. Our Beautiful Buckthorn Cream does not contain gluten or nuts. We aim to ensure our that our products do not contain gluten. For questions about a specific product, please reach out by email.

Are your ingredients organic, sustainably sourced, and vegan?

We strive to use organic ingredients whenever possible, however sometimes an organic ingredient may not available. Certain ingredients and isolates can not technically be classified as organic. Our products are made with organic ingredients. All of the ingredients used are sustainability sourced and all ingredients are vegan.