Ethical Choices, Practices, & Values.

Sustainable Skincare Overview

For our company to be truly sustainable, we approach every aspect of carbon emissions from ingredients to delivery.

First our ingredients are sustainability sourced, ensuring we do not contribute to ecological harm. Then our products are created and formulated in a facility powered by 100% renewable energy.

Next our products are packaged into zero waste containers that are plastic free and reusable. Afterwards, when you make a purchase we pack your materials into recycled and recyclable kraft packaging.

We then offset the carbon emissions associated with shipping. With the proceeds we receive we then donate 5% to environmental nonprofits working to preserve and protect the Everglades.  

Standard Shipping is Best

Have you considered the hidden environmental cost for what you order online? Often even if the product is eco-conscious, the shipping for it may not be.

Two day shipping results in delivery trucks not being efficiently packed, resulting in increased carbon emissions compared to standard shipping. To learn more about the hidden cost of two day shipping, check out this informative video by Vox.

Shipping is a major contributor to climate change and many online retailers do not offset their carbon despite it being very inexpensive. We utilize Offset by Shopify to offset our emissions.

We utilize standard shipping which may mean you have to wait a few days later, but it also means you will be making your carbon footprint smaller as well.

Eco Friendly Packaging

At Everglades Skincare, we always try to use 100% recycled and recyclable packaging whenever we can! We stride to keep our packaging as pastic free as possible.

We make a point to keep our cosmetics jars free from plastic, using glass bottles and metal lids. Even if plastic packaging is recyclable, most of the time it will not actually get recycled.

We also utilize awesome materials made by @ecoenclose, including 100% recycled kraft packaging paper, kraft mailers, and paper note cards. We use packaging tape that is plastic free with a water activated adhesive.

Our goal is to create a skincare company that will leave the environment in a better place than when we found it.